Top5: Lip Color


Rank1: Le.beran.mignon One stroke rouge


New brand Le.Beran.Mignon has introduced its first rouge product line "One Stroke Rouge". "Lipstick and lip crayon alone does not have enough shine and lipgloss alone does not have enough color. To get just the right lips with lipstick and lipgloss, it takes effort and time.

However, this One Stroke Rouge realizes high color and moderate moisture - gloss feeling of close contact with the lips with one stroke. Lipliner, lipbase and lipgloss are all unnecessary, allowing an easy fix.

There are four original colors that can be easily applied and easily blended with your natural lip color. It will also brighten up your complexion . With an oil wrapping formulation, the color and gloss will adhere to your lips and give you longlasting color and shine.

There are many beauty care ingredients that will take care of your lips including shea butter, avocado oil and hyaluronic acid.

Rank2: Kesalann Pathaaran Smooth Lips

Having high viscosity, the new ingredient "Smoothing Complex" is excellent in adhesion and forms an adhesive film on the lips. It is skin-friendly for lips that are dry or have fine lines. It applies snugly onto the lips, instantly returning the lips into a smooth state, regaining the beauty of your lips. It is made up of 80% moisturizer. In between you are wearing this lipstick, it gives your lips moisture as if your are wearing a moisturing mask.
With its introduction inJanuary, this lipstick immediately became a popular product in Japan! There is no mistake that your lips will become more and more beautiful wearing this lipstick.


Rank3: Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Rouge


This luxury beauty oil gives your lips vibrant color, moisture an covers your lips in gloss.  It has moisturizing ingredients that smoothly applies onto your lips covering the dryness and vertical wrinkles. It is blended with a natural rose oil which brightens the lip color and enhances the lip shape.

Rank 4: canmake Stay on balm rouge

Color lipstick that combines color, gloss, UV protection and moisturization. It creates a thin film snugly covering your lips making it last longer. It is not sticky and comfortable to wear. Ultraviolet absorbing ingredients are not used, thus gently taking care of the lips . It is a bestselling product.


Rank 5: Candydoll Lipstick N


This lipstick makes your lips look soft, plump and glossy like pudding. The color applies smoothly over your lips. This lipstick is deep moisturizing and longlasting with the Water Lasting Oil ingredient. It will make your lips look cute and plump with longlasting color.