Top5 Eyeliner Ranking (May 12)


Rank 1:Leanani Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Black


This is a waterproof liquid eyeliner with beauty care ingredients that will give you beautiful, longlasting, sustained bright eyes . It will allow your eyes to give a lively impression in any situation. This is a bestseller eyeliner with 0.1mm precision brush top. Its ingredients include ginseng extract which will protect your eyelashes from falling.
It is a mineral eyeliner free of tar-based dyes so there is no problem even if you accidentally get it in your eyes. It has passed the eye mucous membrane irritation test which make it safe to use for people who wear contact lenses.

Rank 2: Kiss Me Heroin makeSP Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Black

With the new super keep polymer formulation, this eyeliner thoroughly guards tears, water and oils to prevent the eyliner from bleeding. It will provide you with a longlasting clean line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye.
It has a very fine brush of 0.1mm which is easy to use for anyone! The thin line also makes drawing the wings more easy.
It will give you a glossy jet black finish leaving you with impressive eyes. It leaves no pigments in the skin which will not darken the color of your skin.
There are 4 kinds of serum components that moisturizes the eyes (hyaluronic acid ,collagen ,wild rose extract ,panthenol).


Rank 3: Scalp-D Pure Free Eyeliner


This is an eyeliner that can take care of your eyes and eyelashes, with 21 kinds of beauty care ingredients and its six-free formula.
Commitment to the ease of use, with its original formula, it also achieved 0.08mm ultra-fine brush with a firm finish!
Any line, any way you want with its liquid mousse formulation which is specially formulated to be compatible with the surface of your skin.
Can be removed with hot water.

Rank 4: Dolly Wink Liquid EyeLiner III Deep Black

Quick-drying , excellent water-resistance, brush pen tip liquid eyeliner which draws fresh color lines that persist. With its strong rub-resistance formulation, it is also strongly resistant to bleeding from sweat, water and tears. The line will stay a long time without fading. The brush is firm with a thin brush tip allowing you to draw delicate lines and wings freely. It is strongly resistant to sweat and water, but can be easily removed with hot water.


Rank 5: msh Love*Liner Liquid


With beauty care ingredients that takes care of the skin around your eyes, it also has improved durability and vividness of color!
High durability and longlasting color!
Aluminum bottle with a profound feeling!
Highly resistant to sweat, sebum, and tears !
High beauty care ingredients that keep your eyelids moisturized!