Top5: Eyebrow Color


Rank 1: Kate Designing Eyebrow N

Rank 1 1

This eyebrow powder shades the eyebrows and contours the nose creating a natural three-dimensional effect! The three colors from dark to light create a natural shade to the eyebrows and sides of the nose to produce more depth to the eyes.

● Comes with an eyebrow brush and blurring nose shadow brush for easy application.
● Unscented

To apply:
1. brush to take an appropriate amount of powder and adjust it before applying such as on the back of your hand.
2. Mix the two darker colors together and draw over the entire eyebrow.
3. Use the darkest color to trace over the eyebrow from the middle of the eyebrow to the outer end.

[Nose shadow]1. Use the nose shadow brush to to take the lightest color and apply it from under the inner part of your eyebrows down to the sides of the bridge of your nose.

Rank 2: Shu Uemura Hard Fomula Tone

Naturally trace the eyebrows . Shape and design at will.

This eyebrow pencil has just the right firmness to draw the eyebrows. Please select the eyebrow pencil color according to your hair color . There are many shades to chose from that will enhance the look of your brows.

Hard 9 : Having the firmest core which allow you to shape sharp angles. Ideal for when you want to draw thin lines.

Hard 6: A softer material than Hard 9. Ideal for drawing thicker lines and giving a soft look.

Rank 2 00

Rank 3: Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow


A film type eyebrow color that colors the eyebrows with one application.

There are many colors to chose from to match with your hair color.

Resistent to sweat, sebum and rubbing but can be removed with warm water.

With added essence ingredient (panthenol) that will protect the eyebrows.

Rank 4: Leanani 3 Way Eyeblow (Eyebrow)

This 3 way Eyebrow includes the eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder and eyebrow brush.

For a more sharp and impactful impression the eyebrow pencil can be used. For a softer look, apply the eyebrow powder.

The eyebrow pencil is perfect or drawing details such as angles and thin lines. It is not easily blurred.

The powder can be used on the inner parts of the eyebrows and for blurring to create a soft and three-dimensional look.

Use the brush to blend and blur the eyebrow color, as well as to comb through the eyebrows.


Rank 5: MAQuillAGE: Double Brow Creator



Having a leaf shaped core, the pencil can be used to draw a thin or thick line, it is able to draw a clean cut eyebrow tail.

Strong water and sweat resistance.

When used in combination with " Maquillage Double Brow Creator ( powder ) " sold separately, a more natural and better gradiation can be created.

The eyebrow powder can be used In the inner ends of the eyebrows to create a soft and natural finish .
When used in combination with " Maquillage Double Blow Creator ( pencil ) " sold separately .

*The holder is sold separately.