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Product Description

This eyebrow powder shades the eyebrows and contours the nose creating a natural three-dimensional effect! The three colors from dark to light create a natural shade to the eyebrows and sides of the nose to produce more depth to the eyes.
● Comes with an eyebrow brush and blurring nose shadow brush for easy application.
● Unscented
To apply:
1. brush to take an appropriate amount of powder and adjust it before applying such as on the back of your hand.
2. Mix the two darker colors together and draw over the entire eyebrow.
3. Use the darkest color to trace over the eyebrow from the middle of the eyebrow to the outer end.
[Nose shadow] 1. Use the nose shadow brush to to take the lightest color and apply it from under the inner part of your eyebrows down to the sides of the bridge of your nose.


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Weight 41 g

EX-4 Light Brown, EX-5 Brown