Rank 3: dejavu Fiber Wig Ultra Long

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With a finish like that of false lashes! It comes off with warm water and does not smudge around the eyes.
This “mascara type false lashes” coats the eyelashes with a film of fiber.
– More fiber making the lashes longer!
– It extends the eyelashes by 1.4 times. It will add more fiber and extend your eyelashes with each coating applied!
– It has a strong film solution with consolidated strength. It does not lump and smoothly coats each eyelash with plenty of fiber, giving your eyelashes a natural finish, as if the eyelashes grew. Film type: does not give you “panda eyes”, comes off with warm water !
– Since the film repels sebum and sweat , it does not smudge even when rubbing and applying eye drops .
The film expands in warm water, so it can be easily removed and does not damage the eyelashes .


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Weight 60 g


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