Mascara Ranking Nov


Rank 1: HeroinMake Long&Carl Mascara Super WP

This mascara will dry quickly and fix the curl in shape the moment it is applied. During the day with a strong shape memory polymer formulated to scrub moisture, the upward curl will persist.
With its own endurance formulation which strongly prevents bleeding from tears , sweat , water and sebum . It coats the lashes and prevents bleeding and smudging for one day. It is also formulated with beauty essence ingredients

Rank 2: canmake quick Lash curler BL

"Quick Lash curler BK" from Canmake can lift eyelashes up again simply with one quick apply during the day when eyelashes are lowered. Also, it has 3 uses: base , topcoad, and waterproof! !
It is excellent in water resistance, and persistent when it comes to water, tears, sweat, and humidity ! ! It is a smudge-proof type mascara to prevent bleeding to the upper and lower eyelids for people with oily eyelids .



Rank 3: dejavu Fiber Wig Ultra Long

With a finish like that of false lashes! It comes off with warm water and does not smudge around the eyes.
This "mascara type false lashes" coats the eyelashes with a film of fiber.
- More fiber making the lashes longer!
- It extends the eyelashes by 1.4 times. It will add more fiber and extend your eyelashes with each coating applied!
- It has a strong film solution with consolidated strength. It does not lump and smoothly coats each eyelash with plenty of fiber, giving your eyelashes a natural finish, as if the eyelashes grew. Film type: does not give you "panda eyes", comes off with warm water !
- Since the film repels sebum and sweat , it does not smudge even when rubbing and applying eye drops .
The film expands in warm water, so it can be easily removed and does not damage the eyelashes . "

Rank 4: Scalp.D Pote pure free eyelash Black

It separates the eyelashes one by one and firmly coats them to protect the eyelashes from daytime damage! With penetration enhancer ingredients, it can allow the lashes to effectively absorb the cosmetic ingredients to the interior. This mascara combines both morning and evening eyelash beauty care essences to allow for a 24 -hour protection and provide nutrients for the eyelashes. 



Rank 5: Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister

This mascara will skillfully catch short eyelashes. It has a liquid type fine base with jet black long fiber. By applying with a duet comb,  it gives a surpprisingly long and beautiful finish. With a strong resistance to water, sweat, sebum, tears, and gives you a lasting curl for a long time.