Cheek Color Ranking Nov

Rank 1: canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks 02

This is a four-color cheek highlighter which gives shine to the skin and increases the transparency of the skin.
When applied, it blends softly onto your skin giving a creamy feel instead of a powdery feel, providing a sense of transparency and vibrant color.
The sense of transparency combined with gloss and softness also gives a sense of sheerness and increases he clarity of the skin .
The blue pearl powder ingredient gives you a sense of shine like stardust and significantly brightens up your skin.



Rank 2: KANEBO COFFRET D’OR Smile up Cheeks #03 Rose

This cheek color is a two color mix made of fine powder making it easier to blend onto the skin. It is a fun 2 step application to first apply the cheek color, and then smooth out the color on your face. It has a soft brush which will gently apply the cheek color to your cheeks.

Rank 3: MAQuillAGE Dramatic Mood Veil PK200

It is a powder cheek color but it will give you a natural creamy finish with a sense of shine.
This is a 5 color and texture cheek and face color.
This cheek color has a creamy touch. It gives you a natural complexion and shine coming from within, and gives a beautiful impression.
It will give you a creamy glossy finish instead of a powdery finish.



Rank 4: LUNASOL Coloring Cheeks N #01 Light Pink

By blending three colors, this cheek color will give your cheeks a natural complexion.
It will give you a lively look with vibrant color. The "just applied" finish will persist .

Rank 5: VISEE RIip&Cheek Cream RD-6

This is a creamy color that can be used on the lips and cheeks.
It gives you a natural complexion as if the color is glowing from within. It gives a reasonable amount of shine on the cheeks and gives a half matte finish on the lips, blending easily and having a smooth texture. You can also adjust the depth of color by layering.
The beauty care ingredients will give you moisture and protect your cheeks and lips from dryness.