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Top5: Eyebrow Color

Rank 1: Kate Designing Eyebrow N This eyebrow powder shades the eyebrows and contours the nose creating a natural three-dimensional effect! The three colors from dark to light create a natural shade to the eyebrows and sides of the nose to produce more depth to the eyes. ‚óŹ Comes with an eyebrow brush and blurring […]

Mascara Ranking Nov

Rank 1: HeroinMake Long&Carl Mascara Super WPThis mascara will dry quickly and fix the curl in shape the moment it is applied. During the day with a strong shape memory polymer formulated to scrub moisture, the upward curl will persist.With its own endurance formulation which strongly prevents bleeding from tears , sweat , water and […]

Autumn Update

Autumn Update Hello Dear Hime-sama, In order to improve your shopping experience at HimeBeauty, we have renovated our site and made the following updates: Retail Price Guarantee Through our many efforts in negotiating with local suppliers we are finally able to present you with the Retail Price Guarantee. As of today, all prices in our […]