Autumn Update

Autumn Update

Hello Dear Hime-sama, In order to improve your shopping experience at HimeBeauty, we have renovated our site and made the following updates:

Retail Price Guarantee

Through our many efforts in negotiating with local suppliers we are finally able to present you with the Retail Price Guarantee. As of today, all prices in our Himebeauty store are lowered to the local retail price in Japan! All prices are now local Japanese retail price or lower, guaranteed. In doing so, we would like to bridge the gap between overseas customers and provide you with the best price as if you are shopping locally in Japan. So please enjoy.

Return Policy

With improvement in our capability in logistics we are now able to accept returns. Please see the "Return Policy" section at the bottom of the page under "About Us" for more details.

Weekly Poll

In our weekly poll you are able to vote to have your favourite Japanese cosmetic products to be added to our store. We will update these products in the following week in our store for you to purchase. They will be at the top of the store with the "New" label. Our poll results will be updated every Friday morning at 9:00AM Eastern Time. The poll results are limited to only Japanese cosmetic products and Japan limited edition cosmetics. Products that do not fall under these categories will be removed by our administrator.