April Foundations Rankings



Dear our hime-sama s, we are happy to present our first Japanese cosmetics ranking news for you. Please also check our another post about Eyeshadows Rankings.
We hold our research every month to sum up each categories of cosmetics best 5 products from various resources. We are more than welcome to have your comments and reviews.


Rank 1: Maquillage Dramatic Powdery UV Foundation

Through a unique “Mousse Press Process”, fluffy mousse made with beauty essence water and powder becomes a powdery foundation that naturally blends into the skin to cover visible pores and evens the skin tone.
A “barely there” natural finish makes an impression for a beautiful you.
This foundation is a 10 hours lasting powder. HimeBeauty offers a one color set with maquillage compact case DM.

Rank 2: Covermark brightup foundation Councealer

This concealer naturally brights up the portion of  skin to be worried about as partial foundation . This special concealer creates an effects that makes your skin appear soft and smooth, covers fine lines , illuminates your skin while beautifully blurring the roughness of the skin . Covermark with its own color variations , keeps blemishes effectively camouflaged (e.g. dark circles) in a smooth state without drying over time because of the moisturizing ingredients . Covermark is the most selected concealer for long time. It is a must for hime-sama ~!



Rank 3: Naturaglace Foundation Torte

This long lasting powder foundation stays on even after a long period of time, while having a high skin care effect. The exquisite ingredients combined with soft focus technology provide your skin with better coverage which illuminating your skin. It spreads smoothly over your skin, feels natural and is comfortable to wear. No synthetic preservatives, no silicon/tar based dyes, alcohol-free.
(SPF20 PA ++)M.

Rank 4: Tout Vert Mineral Powdery Foundation

Blended with 14 types of cosmetic ingredients such as vitamins, this is the mineral foundation of skin care sensation . The adoption of a three-layer coating mineral powder, moist and comfortable to wear, achieving a beautiful procelain-like finish.



Rank 5: Macchia Label Clear esthe veil Liquid Foundation

This is a blended liquid foundation with high moisturizing and whitening effects, as well as skincare effects that make up 62% of its ingredients.
Only a thin layer is needed to cover stains , wrinkles and pores .
While making the skin beautiful, it also helps the skin keep moisturized. It also has ultraviolet protection SPF35 · PA +++.DM.